Morten Skov Jørgensen, Senior Cyber-Physical Specialist, The Alexandra Institute

Morten Skov Jørgensen, Senior Cyber-Physical Specialist at The Alexandra Institute (AI), which is a Danish RTO. Originally graduated with a Master of Science in Computer Science from Aarhus University, he had been heading up AI’s drone projects over the last four years. The work has been inspired by the label “Drones-as-IoT-Devices” and has been focused on developing software components for onboard computers to make the drones more autonomous and safe at the same time.

Right now, the work is focused on developing a secure drone-to-drone communications protocol, in collaboration with DTU Space, to create a P2P network between devices in the field, which will afford a more secure and resilient network that can mitigate breakdowns and assist in discovering rouge devices.