Project partners

ARUS, Turkey

BTS Rail Saxony, Germany

CenSec, Denmark


i-Trans, Franc,

MAFEX, Spain

RailGrup, Spain


EXXTRA European Strategic Cluster Partnership for Excellence (ESCP-4X)
Our road to real «world-class clusters» and «Joint Cluster Initiative»

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The EXXTRA project has the aim is to accompany the professionalisation of clusters’ competences and services towards the creation and consolidation of world-class clusters. EXXTRA (“EXcellence EXchange and Teaming-up between Industry clusters and ecosystems”) is one of the first “ESCP-4X” funded under the programme COSME of the European Union


The project partners shall act as creators of opportunities, accelerators of change and intermediaries between SMEs and all possible innovation actors and providers of knowledge and support necessary to untap SMEs growth in terms of innovation, Internationalization, process modernization, organization and workplace innovation, long lasting integration into global value chains. Clusters have to be for their SMEs not just service providers rather partners for growth.

Expected results

– All partners to achieve a higher degree of Exellence as the ESCA Cluster Exellence Label at the next level.
– Development of a joint Strategy as European Partnership to move from “opportunity – driven” collaboration approach to a “fully strategic” collaboration approach.