Kort intro

New industrial value chain for Safe, sECUre and Resilient cIties and Territories – SecurIT. Projektet er bevilget primo februar 2021, og forventes at starte 1. juni 2021.

Projektet løber over 36 måneder fra medio 2021 – medio 2024.

CenSec er med i projektet da det giver vores medlemsvirksomheder muligheder for at få adgang til direkte funding for prototype udvikling og demonstrationsprojekter. Hernæst giver det os og vores medlemmer et stort netværk via konsortiepartnerne og mulighed for at identificere forretningsmuligheder.

Fra CenSecs side er Sofie Jensen og Klaus Bolving projektansvarlige. Kontakt dem for mere information eller


Du kan læse nærmere om projektet herunder.

Projekt partners

SAFE Cluster (Security & Aerospace), France, more information here

LSEC – Leaders In Security (ICT Security), Belgium, more information here

Pôle SCS (Secured Communicating Solutions), France, more information here

Lithuanian Cybercrime Center of Excellence for Training, Research & Education, Lithuania, more information here

The Hague Security Delta (Security), Netherlands, more information here

Systematic (ICT), France,  more information here

Fundingbox Accelerator (FBA) (Funding solutions), Poland, more information here

CenSec (Defence, Space & Security), Denmark, more information on this webiste


Background and purpose

The security sector is considerably evolving, by adapting the offer to the risk and threats and by permanently aggregating emerging innovations. The digital is disrupting this industry, by adding new capacities and new threats. The security sector is very fragmented. SecurIT aims to create a new global competitive security industrial (product & service) value chain by supporting a better integration of innovative security systems, with a cross-sectoral and European approach, to support the time to market optimization, the integration of privacy and security by design at all steps of maturity, with a cross-border collaboration between SMEs and other RDI actors.

This vision is supported by a 4 step-approach:

#1: : Analysis of the demand-side, mobilizing 40 integrators/end-users to identify their needs and 42 potential demonstrators including major actors as large industry, cities, critical infrastructures operators that will join SecurIT as user group, experiment hosting or supportive partners (26 support letters, among these are AIRBUS, THALES, ATOS, COESS, ECSO, cities, EEN etc.).

#2&3: Involving supply sides (SMEs), aiming to get 300 EoI to participate in SecurIT and attracting +1000 SMEs to get part through outreach actions.

#4: Select and Support 63 innovation projects involving 126 SMEs with over 3,5M€ of FSTP through 2 Instruments of support from TRL5 to TRL9 (Prototyping and Demonstration/Pilot), and +700K€ in services provided by partners. Highquality experts will be involved in the SMEs selection process.

The consortium is as a whole, with 7 Security and complementary Clusters from France, Belgium, Lithuania, The Netherlands and Denmark, coming from most relevant security / cybersecurity Regional Innovation Hubs in Europe, and the SecurIT partners have experience in open call management at national and European level.