Mikkel Høegh Bojesen, Business Development and Project Manager, DHI Gras


DHI GRAS is specialised in satellite image and data processing for hydrology, water quality, environmental assessment and land cover mapping. DHI GRAS handles the entire data flow from the reception and processing of satellite images to the delivery of the requested final information product. The company was established in 2000 and has completed projects and delivered services in over 75 countries worldwide for a range of different clients.

Satellite technology is rapidly evolving and in line with an ever-increasing amount of data, and new types of data sources, satellites contribute an untapped potential to support defense and security applications in the Arctic. In this presentation, DHI will introduce a number of existing satellite-based products and services that can be used to advantage in the Arctic to support security considerations. In addition, participants will be introduced to a few new initiatives and products under development – with a special focus on improving maritime security in the Arctic.