1. januar 2023 – 31. december 2023

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415.000 DKK

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Hvis du er interesseret I at høre nærmere omkring samarbejdsprojektet “HyberCube”, er du meget velkommen til at kontakte Anders Laustsenanders@censec.dk eller +45 52 13 15 42



The first goal is to design and deploy a compact hyperspectral video imaging system – camera and data analysis system – for remote sensing. The imaging system is envisioned to be a novel Computed Tomography Imaging Spectrometer (CTIS) covering the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared spectrum (UV-VIS-NIR), approximately 350-1000 nm. The second project goal is to successfully deploy the imaging system on drones and a CubeSat. During 2023 we will implement the imaging system on a drone in collaboration with SDU drone center and conduct test flights of the system. In parallel with the drone tests, we will also prepare the integration of the imaging system for launch into a polar Low Earth Orbit on a 3 Unit CubeSat (30x10x10 cm3), HyperCube.

Projektet indeholder følgende aktiviteter

  • Q1 2023 Project start and launch of DISCO-1 with a Google Coral Tensor Processing Unit allowing us to run and test on board AI algorithms (for the first time using a Google Coral TPU on a CubeSat to our knowledge)
  • Q2-Q3 Project development of the hyperspectral imaging system in collaboration with Newtec and QTechnology and the HyperCube ground station.
  • Q4: Drone test flights of the imaging system and publication of a Technical Design Report for HyperCube. Presentation of the project at national and international space conferences.