Christian Tang, CEO, Black Team

Christian Tang
Black Team

With over 19 years of expertise rooted in the elite Special Operations Forces of the Danish Frogman Corps, Christian stands as a beacon in the realm of physical penetration testing and security analysis. Globally, he has encountered diverse security setups, fine-tuning a unique knack for identifying vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perspective. This critical insight is further fortified with an in-depth understanding of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and reconnaissance, skills honed while headhunted for intelligence roles within the military. The essence of his work is shaped by real-world situations, ensuring ambassadorial protections and conducting clandestine operations. At the heart of his mission lies a deep desire to bolster societal safety by integrating security into the everyday without creating paranoia. Boasting a flawless track record in security breach simulations, Christian and his proficient team at Black Team help businesses fortify their defenses, both physically and digitally.