Thomas Donslund, CTO, Gatehouse Maritime

Thomas Donslund
Gatehouse Maritime

Background of providing unique insights and value to the customers through services, platforms and products.

3 roles:

  1. VP Products at BAE Systems working with realtime analyzing large amounts of data and presenting the findings. Setting up and driving a large product development organization the produces products for project sales.
  2. VP Digital Platforms and Ecosystems at Danfoss, migrating mechanical/electrical products unto digital platforms and ensuring connectivity.
  3. CTO at Gatehouse Maritime, Responsible for platform, products and services within Ocean visibility and predictability. Creating Maritime Domain Awareness – what is going at an area and Situational Domain Awareness – when will the ship arrive. Services range from Software as a Service  for data management and monitoring assets at sea, to Data as a Service for container and vessel tracking + port analytics. Services running on two platforms handling millions of messages pr minute.

Strong believer in providing scalable services, software as a service and data as a service through platforms and leveraging analytics and machine learning on large data sets. Making sense. This also goes for way of working with Agile and Kanban teams, with MVP’s and rapid validation and learning with customers and development team.