8 November 2022

Space Innovation Event Toulouse


The Royal Danish Embassy in France, Aerospace Valley and CenSec are happy to invite you to the Space Innovation Event in Toulouse, France.

Date: 8 November 2022

Location: Palais Niel, Rue Montoulieu Saint-Jacques, 31000 Toulouse, France

Price: Free (Travel expenses and accommodation at own cost)

Registration: Please send an email to Anders Laustsen, anders@censec.dk 



Space has increasingly become an important part of our everyday life and plays a vital part when it comes to areas such as; defence, security as well as environmental research and technological development and innovation.  Most of our important technologies for personal use depend on space as well: telephone, GPS and television to name but a few.

The safeguarding of national interests, the protection of space-assets and general use of space-based technology plays an ever more important role in the defence and security strategies of both France and Denmark.

Besides security and defence, it is also becoming clear that space-related technologies can play an important part in analysing, and hopefully, helping to solve the emerging climate crisis, for instance through the intelligent use of earth-observation data. This is important for both France and Denmark, as no country is immune to the possibly devastating effects of climate change.

Lastly, the space domain is also an important driver for broad economic and scientific development. The dual-use of most products and services plus the scientific “spill-over” tie the civilian and military sectors to each other to a degree not seen before in any industry.


The purpose of this event is to initiate further cooperation between the Danish and French space-ecosystems – from a governmental and defence & security perspective but also regarding research cooperation and establishing commercial partnerships.

Target audience

Danish and French governmental representatives, researchers and scientists, SME and large-scale companies (including OEM), cluster organisations and business promotion agencies.




7 November 2022

19.30 – 20.30: Reception for Danish participants
Location: City Hall , 1 place du Capitole, 31000 Toulouse

20.45/21.00: Dinner for Danish participants with HRH BG Prince Joachim (optional and at own expenses).
Location: Restaurant Le Parisien, 29 bis, boulevard de Strasbourg, 31000 Toulouse

8 November 2022

09.00 – 9:45: Arrival and coffee

09:45 – 12.15: Conference

“What is at stake in Space for Europe – from a security, technological and environmental perspective?”

Moderator: HRH BG Prince Joachim, Defence attaché to France

  • Welcome address by H.E. Michael Starbæk Christensen, Ambassador
  • Welcome address by Defence Attaché, Brigadier General Prince Joachim
  • Welcome address by M. Jalil Benabdillah, Vice President of Occitanie Region
  • Opening address from Houston by Andreas Mogensen
  • Lead-in by Eva Berneke, CEO, EUTELSAT
  • Lead-in by Steen M. Lynenskjold, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Terma
  • Main speakers: Annemarie Falktoft, Deputy Director General, Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science and Representative from the French Ministry for Higher Education and Science
  • Followed by a panel debate:
    • LG Kim Jesper Jørgensen, Commander and National Armaments Director, Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization
    • BG Corinne Lonchampt, Deputy Chief of International Development, Western Europe and North America, DGA
    • Commodore Anders Friis, Defence Command Denmark
    • MG Philippe Adam, Commander of French Space Command
    • Rasmus Larsen, Provost, DTU
    • IGA Olivier Lesbre, Director of ISAÉ-Supaéro

12.15 – 13.00: Lunch

13.00 – 13.05 Signing ceremony between GomSpace and Hemeria and CS Group

13.05 – 14.45: Space Innovation Exchange

Moderator: Klaus Bolving, CEO, CenSec

Presentation of four Danish and French strongholds with suggestions for possible areas of cooperation:

Theme 1: Nano & Micro Satelittes

Danish presenters:

  • Thomas Pfister, GomSpace: “Small Satellites: a key component for European Sovereignty, independence and competitiveness”
  • Karl Kaas, Space Inventor: “Micro Satellites”

French presenter:

  • Gregory Pradels, VP development, Hemeria

Theme 2: Satellite Surveillance – security applications and tracking climate change

  • Danish presenter: Mikkel Høegh Bojesen, DHI
  • French presenter: Stéphanie Limouzin, Chief Business Development Officer, CLS Group

Theme 3: Space Safety – Enabling safe and secure use of space

  • Danish presenter: Michael Linden-Vørnle, DTU Space
  • French presenter: Dr. Andis Dembovskis, Business Development Executive, Agenium

Theme 4: Space Instrumentation

  • Danish presenter: Aleksandar Grgic, VP Space Solutions, Weibel: “State-Of-The-Art 4-D AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) MMR (Multi Mission Radar) systems for space applications”
  • French presenter: Didier Rigal, Director Business Development & Technology Platforms, IRT AESE – Saint Exupéry

14.45 – 15.00 Coffee break and installation of matchmaking stands

15.00 – 17.30: Matchmaking

15 minutes “speed dating” sessions (scheduled in advance)

Goal: To promote future R&D cooperation with both scientific and industrial French stakeholders, which are among the global industry leaders and typically key players in EU cooperation programs

17.30: Closing address by Defence Attaché, Brigadier General Prince Joachim

17.30 – 18.00: End of event and drinks

19:00: Networking dinner at Restaurant Le J’Go, 16 Place Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse (optional and registration not necessary).

9 November 2022

08.20: Bus departure in front of METRO ESQUIROL

09.00 – 10.30 CNES

Location: 18 Av. Edouard Belin

  • Presentation of CNES’s activities and role in the French space environment, its interaction with the French Space Command and European cooperation (EUSST). Also an exchange about the EISF European Industry and Start Up Forum and CNES’s network with Spatial entrepreneurs (Connect by CNES).

10:30: Departure from CNES to AIRBUS Defence & GEO Unit

10.45 – 13.30 Airbus Defence & Space GEO unit
Location: Rue des Satellites, 3100 Toulouse

  • Experience of business with Airbus by AAU (AAU, Peter Nielsen)
  • Presentation on Downstream Space business (Airbus Geo)
  • Demo on surveillance service (Airbus Geo)
  • Exchange about needs and prospects seen by Airbus for Danish industry

Airbus is hosting a lunch for all participants.

13:30: Departure from Airbus to Airport Toulouse-Blagnac

14:00/14:15: Departure from Airport to METRO ESQUIROL



Practical information:

Numerous hotels in different price ranges can be found in Toulouse. We recommend the area in the city center around Capitole. However The Crowne Plaza Toulouse or The Mercure Toulouse Centre Saint–Georges are often used when foreign delegations are in town.

Dress code
Business formal (tie and jacket) or equivalent for military personnel


7 November:

Kastrup – Toulouse
1. Air France, departure 06.25 Kastrup, arrival 14.45
2. Easy Jet, departure 12.35 Kastrup, arrival 18.00. (possible to make the dinner if no delays)

Billund – Toulouse:

Air France, departure 6.30, arrival 13.10

8 November: Toulouse – Kastrup

Air France, departure 19.00, arrival 23.35

9 November

Toulouse – Kastrup

1. KLM, departure 17.00, arrival 22.50
2. Air France departure 19.00, arrival 23.25.

Toulouse – Billund

Lufthansa, departure 18.40, arrival 22.50.

In Toulouse:

The Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is located in the northwest, outside of the city. There are two options to reach downtown Toulouse:

  1. The T2 tramway line (every 10 minutes) within 30 minutes of the city center
  2. The Airport shuttle (every 20 minutes) within 45 minutes.

The subway (Marengo SNCG station) and several public bus lines allow you to easily reach their final destination inside the city.


If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Anders Laustsen, anders@censec.dk, +45 52 13 15 42.


This event is part of an initiative co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.