09-10. november 2021

Future soldier – interconnection between defence, cyber and space technologies

The European Commission and CenSec will bring together in a joint ENDR event a wide range of defence-related participants from European SMEs, prime contractors, national and international authorities to knowledge institutions and cluster organisations.

The rapid development of new technologies and increasing interconnectivity in systems across defence, cyber and space forms the future battlefield, which will have an impact on the role of the future soldier. More advanced, smarter, and flexible defence combat units with linked and networked equipment will be at the heart of future warfare.

The future soldier will rely on technologies such as autonomous systems, AI, light-weight electronics and advanced materials, improving the level of protection and situational awareness.

The event provides business-to-business (b2b) opportunities, a defence-related exhibition, and opportunities offered by the various EU programmes, including European Defence Fund.


Technological innovations, equipment and systems of future warfighting
Interconnectivity and resiliency of capabilities
Specific role of the future soldier

The Conference will take place at
Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers
Ørestads Boulevard

Participation in this event is free of charge and can be either physical or online.

Registration is now open, sign up here: The Soldier of the Future – The Soldier of the Future (b2match.io)