19-21 April 2024

Action24 – A joint celebration of Denmark’s 75-year membership in NATO

On April 4 2024, NATO can celebrate its 75th anniversary, and on this occasion, we wish, together with you, to invite the Danish Population to the first and largest total defence fair in 25 years.

Therefore, we invite everyone to participate in Action24 over three days from April 19 to April 21, 2024 when we open the doors to the first and largest total defence fair in 25 years and show more than 25.000 guests what you can do.

This is your company’s opportunity to: 

  • Show how you work on developing unique technologies and taking on the task of our common (and others’) security.
  • Present your company to future employees and partners.
  • Meet representatives from the total defence and Denmark’s allies.
  • Contribute to a fair that gives the Danes a unique insight into why Denmark needs solid defence and emergency preparedness.


Time: 19-20 April 2024

Place: Messe C i Fredericia, Vestre Ringvej 101, 7000 Fredericia.


Follow the links below to see full invitation and more information.

Invitation English

Invitation dansk

Oversigt over hal ACDE

Information om halindretning

Udeområder Messe C

Hoteller i Fredericia og Middelfart