6-8 November 2023

Innovation Days: Emerging and disruptive technologies in the German defence industry


Solving problems within Maritime Situational awareness & The Arctic

The Innovation Centre in Munich and CenSec is organising an innovation workshop for Danish companies in order to pursue relevant collaboration with German prime defencecompanies Airbus and Hensoldt. It is in the interest of both Denmark and Germany to promote innovation in the defence industry.

The Danish companies will have the opportunity to get insight into the development of German technologies related to Danish security challenges and develop complementary solutions.


With new challenges brought about by electronic and hybrid multi-domain warfare, innovation needs to move back into the defence industries of EU countries and their allies.
The war in Ukraine has given lawmakers, national procurement agencies and commercial actors a glimpse into contemporary and future warfare which is transforming quickly, adopting emerging and disruptive technologies to develop a strategic and tactical upper hand.
The Innovation Centre Munich and the Danish Embassy in Berlin are hosting an innovation workshop in collaboration with CenSec, which will introduce Danish start-ups within these new technologies to established German companies. The workshop will be attended by Danish Defence Attaché in Berlin, Jakob Henius and representatives from DALO.


The Innovation Workshop aims at preparing you for innovation collaboration with German prime defence companies by

  • Giving insight into procurement processes and business conduct in Germany
  • Enabling first-hand experience exchanging technological insights with a German prime defence company
  • Showcasing German test-sites for defence technologies
  • Visiting German universities working closely with the defence industry



We are looking for approximately 8-12 Danish companies that develop military or dual-use solutions who

  • Have a functioning prototype and proof of concept
  • Have a documented business case
  •  Are curious on how to adapt and/or integrate their solution with a German company. The aim is to bring together a group of companies that complement each other without being in direct competition.

Price: DKK 4000 for max two people per company.

To be considered for participation fill in the form below before 25 September.
The applications will be reviewed by the Danish Embassy in Berlin and all data will be deleted afterwards.

You will get the answer to your application on 29 September.

Register here


Tentative Programme:

6 November  2023
09:00-09:15 Arrival at Airbus Delegation
09:15-09:30 Welcome to Airbus – Where are we? Airbus
09:30-09:45 Maritime Situational Awareness and Arctic vs The Danish Defence agreement – Military Strategic Focus Areas: Danish territorial defence in the years to come Defence Brigadier General Attaché Jakob Henius
09:45-10:00 Danish Defence Agreement – Procurement and Innovation Strategies NAD General Kim Jesper Jørgensen
10:00-10:30 How Airbus works with product development and presentation of key product areas related to Maritime Situational Awareness and Airbus’ engagement in the Arctic. TBA Airbus
10:30-10:45 Presentation of Workshop Stations with Airbus product owners. Potentially: Danish short pitch session.
10:45-11:00 Short break Everyone
11.00-13.00 Innovation session with pitch, technology sparring and presentations by Airbus product owners on technological development and integration potential. Here: NAD and Attaché can have separate program.
13:00-13:45 Lunch Everyone
13:45-14.30 Factory Tour/Other element (buffer) Airbus
14:30-14:35 Wrap-up and Goodbye Airbus
14:45-15:00 Transport to WTD61 Delegation
15:00-15:15 Presentation af WTD61 and WTD Drone Innovation Hub Delegation
15:15-15:45 Talk on Aerospace Integration – In the cross field Drones/Aircraft and Military/Civil. Delegation
15:45-16:45 Demonstration of project Drone-EVAC Delegation
19:00-22:00 Short presentation round, good Bavarian food and informal networking Delegation + invites from the Industry
7 November 2023
08:30-09:00 Bus leaves for Hensoldt Delegation
9:00-13:00 Hensoldt visit Delegation
14:00-16:00 UniBw visit Delegation
16.00-16:15 Wrap-up and Goodbye Delegation



Mette Louise Schmidt
Commercial Advisor – Defence Industries
Danish Embassy Berlin
+49 170 9255077

Susanne Bruun Sørensen
Office Manager & Project Lead
+45 3151 8085

Louise Juel Broch
Business Development Manager
+45 5213 1543

WORKSHOP I – 25 October 2023 

• Get to know each other
• Introduction to the German security outlook and priorities
• State of the German Defence Industry
• Sales pitch training by Leon Birdi 

WORKSHOP II  – 27 October 2023 Open Webinar

• The second workshop will take place online with a talk and Q&A by Sven Weizenegger, CEO of Cyber Innovation Hub of
the German Armed forces talking about priorities and possibilities within digitalisation and Innovation of the
German army.
• NB: This is an open webinar for all interested Danish companies
Sign up here: Webinar: Priorities and possibilities within digitalisation and Innovation of the German Defence Capabilites – CenSec

WORKSHOP III – 6-8 November 2023 in Munich

• On-site visits with two German prime companies: Airbus and Hensoldt in Bavaria
• On-site visit to technological test centre run by German defence procurement agency BAAINBw
• Visit to German universities working with the defence industry
• Networking dinner with relevant stakeholders from the German defence industry