6-7 December 2023

Workshop on Quantum Safety


Quantum DTU and CenSec is co-hosting a two-day matchmaking event at DTU. The goal is to bring researchers and companies working with quantum security together so to jointly develop proposals for e.g. Horizon Europe or the European Defence Fund.

The first day aims to give an overview of the current state of quantum technology worldwide and locally at DTU. The second day will focus on quantum security and EU funding opportunities and the participating companies will have a chance to explore possible collaborations and consortium-building opportunities.


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Time: 6-7 December 09.00 AM

Place: Building 341, Aud 21, Ørsteds Plads, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

Price: Free


6 December
For the first part of the meeting, we have invited an external key note speaker, Olivier Ezraty, who have specialized in the second quantum revolution with his 1366 pages long book among other things. For the second part, researchers from various departments will briefly present their current research and head of Quantum DTU, Lydia Baril, will reflect on some of her overall observations of the quantum research at DTU.

Tentative program:

11:30 – Register and lunch

12:10 – Welcome and observations from Quantum DTU with Lydia Baril

12:30 – Keynote speech: Quantum Computing Challenges and Opportunities with Olivier Ezratty

13:30 – Presentation from DTU Departments

15:30 – Networking and coffee

CenSec co-meeting on Quantum Safety

The workshop is co-hosted with CenSec – Center for Defense, Space and Security.

The aim of the workshop is to establish a common understanding of the state of cybersecurity in the new quantum era. The workshop can be a foundation for collaborations between companies and researchers to apply for funding together to initiate such collaborations.

During this workshop at DTU, companies will have a chance to understand better the upcoming quantum threats without the usual hype. Moreover, funding for quantum tech will be addressed, especially from European Commission. Censec companies will gain more insight into research done at DTU, especially in quantum communications and networks, and get a chance to explore possible collaborations and consortium building.

The event will be held in building 341, Aud 21 from 9.00 to 15.00 December 7.


Tentative program:

09:00 – Register and breakfast

09:30 – Welcome

10:00 – Keynote speech: Cybersecurity Myths and Legends (real problems and real solutions) with Olivier Ezratty

11:00 – Inspirational talk from successful research group: DTU Physics on QCI.DK and CryptQ

11:30 – Inspirational talk from successful company Rheasoft

12:00 – Lunch and networking

13:00 – Horizon Europe – The big lines and relevant calls

14:00 – Matchmaking and Networking