With the increasing digitalisation of rail, data security is gaining in importance. Intelligent data-linking has a high potential for new applications, services and rising efficiency.

This opportunity runs against the risk that the highly connected rail system will be significantly damaged by cyberattacks, the effects of which can hardly be predicted. The aim is to raise awareness and to identify innovative solutions to make the system more resilient to cyberattacks.

Preliminary Agenda:
Morning session (starting at 10:00)
• Welcome, Introduction
• Panel Session Cybersecurity in Railway Operation
• Panel Session Cybersecurity in Production Processes

Afternoon session (starting at 13:30)
• Technical visits
• The European Focus on Cybersecurity (interactive sessions)
• Get Together
End of all activities at 17:30

More information about the event, further useful hints and the possibility to register can be found here: http://mobilitaet-bb.de/en/erci-cybersecurity-railways-task-force-0. Please note that registration is mandatory for participation in the event.


In connection with Censec’s annual Homeland Security conference, which will be held on 28-29 August in Fredericia, a separate track will be held with Cybersecurity in Railways program, etc. follows.


Further information is available from Poul-Erik Hansen, poul-erik@censec.dk


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