6 October 2021

8th edition Homeland Security Conference

The annual Homeland Security Conference is an innovation and technology conference, which since 2014 has focused on bringing together representatives from the homeland security and cyber security community, industry decision makers, governmental authorities, leading experts and academics in order to share knowledge and increase capabilities.

We involve some of the leading international experts and professionals from the homeland security and cyber security community, in order to give further insights about both challenges and business opportunities right now within the security industry.


The conference themes and program will be developed within the next couple of months. In case you are interested in contributing to the program, please contact Sofie Jensen at sofie@censec.dk or +45 93201540


You can sign up for more information below:

Below you can get an overview of the previous year’s conferences:

In 2020, the 7th edition took place in Copenhagen at Børsen, and had the overall focus on cyber security issues and challenges within the Homeland Security context and the following areas was addressed:

  • Current trends and technologies in the homeland security domain
  • Smart border control technologies
  • Protection of airspace (incl. counter drone measures and protection of airports)
  • Infrastructure and societal resilience
  • Future trends and emerging technologies in the homeland security domain

In 2020, the moderator was Mr. Martin Breum, journalist, author and moderator, Moderator.dk


6 October

08:00 – 08:40 Registration and light breakfast

08:40 – 08:50 Welcome by Klaus Bolving, CEO, CenSec, and Martin Breum, journalist, author and moderator, Moderator.dk

08:50 – 09:00 Brian Mikkelsen, CEO, Danish Chamber of Commerce

09:00 – 10:00 Current trends and technologies in the homeland security domain

  • Trine Bramsen, Danish Minister of Defence, Danish Ministry of Defence
  • Hans Peter Michaelsen, Independent Defence Analyst, Forsvarsanalyse.dk: Homeland Security – from the Cold War to the Cold Peace.
  • Viggo Andreasen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Science and Environment, Roskilde University: Pandemics: Something to prepare for in the future
  • Jeanette Serritzlev, Military Analyst, Royal Danish Defence College
    • 20 minutes panel debate with the abovementioned (except the Minister of Defence)

10:00 – 10:30 30 minutes break

10:30 – 11:30 Smart border control technologies

  • Claus Larsen, Country Manager, Atos
  • Per Søholt, Director of Business Developments, SMARTPORTS, Adaptive Recognition: Collaborative SmartPort Solutions (online)
  • Captain Hans Henrik Grøn, Squadron Leader, Danish Air Force Home Guard
    • 20 minutes panel debate with the abovementioned speakers

11:30 – 12:30 1 hour lunch and networking 

12:30 – 13:30  Protection of airspace

  • Michael Linden-Vørnle, Chief Adviser, the National Space Institute (DTU Space): Autonomous infrastructure – the road to a safe and secure airspace
  • Morten Skov, Senior Cyber-Physical Specialist, MSc CS., Data Scienc and Engineering LAB, Alexandra Institute: Use Inter-connected, Heterogeneous Drones to Detect Adversaries
  • Peter Jerry Sørensen, Chairman and COO, Cybercrypt
  • Per Schmock, CEO & Founder, Nordic Radar Solutions: Detection of small targets
    • 20 minutes panel debate with the abovementioned speakers

13:30 – 14:00 30 minutes break

14:00 – 15:00 Security standards and label schemes 

  • Berit Aadal, Senior Consultant, Danish Standards: Cyber security standards – an overview of the European and International initiatives
  • Mikael Jensen, Director: Denmark’s new labelling scheme and seal for IT-security and responsible use of data
  • Milda Kaklauskaité, Policy Manager, European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO): How to stand out from the crowd: Introducing the ‘Cybersecurity Made in Europe’ label (online)
    • 20 minutes panel debate with the abovementioned speakers

15:00 – 15:30  30 minutes break and networking

15:30 – 17:00: B2B meetings and matchmaking

17:30 – 22:00: Exclusive networking dinner at Tårnet, Christiansborg


7 October

08:00 – 09:00 Registration and light breakfast

09:00 – 09:10: Welcome

09:10 – 10:10 Future trends and emerging technologies 

  • Ian Carnelli, General Studies Programme manager, European Space Agency (ESA): Planetary Defence and the Hera mission (online)
  • Jens Myrup Pedersen, Associate Professor, Cyber Security Network, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University: Artificial Intelligence: Why the attackers are winning the race
  • Ulrich Busk Hoff, Senior Adviser, DTU Physics, DTU Quantum: Quantum Technologies in Denmark
  • Lise Fuhr, Director General, European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO)
    • 20 minutes panel debate with abovementioned speakers (without Ian Carnelli)

10:10 – 10:40 30 minutes break and networking

10:40 – 12:00 Infrastructure and societal resilience

  • Colleen Merchant, Director General of National Cyber Security, Public Safety Canada (online)
  • Carmen Gonsalves, Head of the International Cyber Policy Department, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-chair of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) (online)
  • Søren Maigaard, CEO, EnergiCERT (online)
  • Jesper Florin, Head of Security and Crisis Management, DBI Fire and Security
  • Vincent F. Hendricks, Professor of Formal Philosophy at The University of Copenhagen, and Director of the Center for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS): An Infodemic Pandemic
    • 20 minutes panel debate with abovementioned speakers

12:00 – 13:00  1 hour lunch and networking

13:00 – 15:00  B2B meetings and matchmaking

15:00 – 15:10  Thank you and see you next year

In 2019, the 6th Homeland Security Conference was a two-day event focused on Smart Cities & Sensitive Sites.

During the first day, focus was on the challenges and solutions towards smart city technologies, and technologies that can secure sensitive sites. Furthermore, selected companies had the opportunity to pitch their solutions and B2B meetings were facilitated.

The second day provided insight into international activities to enforce cyber security measures and capabilities.


Wednesday 28 August

08.30-09.30 Registration and networking

09.30-11.10 Smart cities and smart technologies – challenges

  • Jens Christian Vedersø, Special Advisor, Centre for Cyber Security: Risk management in a Smart city where IT and OT is intertwined – a challenge for each enterprise and the society
  • Klaus Munch Kjøller, Director, PwC: Smart Cities – trends, risks and opportunities
  • Dominic Schroeder, British Ambassador to Denmark: Smart and Secure Cities in the UK
  • Nicolas Reys, Director, Global Cyber Threat Intelligence, Control Risks: Towards an understanding of current and future cyber threats to smart cities and sensitive sites

Panel debate with all abovementioned speakers

20 min. break

11.30-12.30 Smart cities and smart technologies -solutions

  • Mogens Dam, Head of R&D and business development, Damasec: Intelligent network connecting objects and technology
  • Casper Madsen, Senior Client Executive, IBM: New Attack Vectors – a perspective on Cyber Threats in Smarter Cities and Critical Infrastructure
  • Per Villemoes, International Sales Manager, Cryptera: Securing IoT devices in a Smart City
    IoT devices in a Zero-Trust manufacturing and distribution environment
  • Dan Hermansen, CEO, MyDefence Communication: Preparing for controlled drone

Panel debate with all abovementioned speakers

Break 12.30-13.30

13.30-14.50 Securing smart telecommunications technology

  • Thomas Kristmar, Senior Manager, KPMG: Securing the Danish Telecom infrastructure by public private corporation
  • Henrik Larsen, Head of Security and Identity Services (DKCERT & WAYF), DeiC: DKCERT – The Danish Academic CSIRT, Hosting the new Decentral Cyber and Information Security Unit for the Danish Telecom Sector
  • René Hinsch, CTO, Airwire: Seeing is believing – a live demo
  • Gert Læssøe Mikkelse, Head of Security Lab, Alexandra Institute: IoT Insecurity in our networks
  • Michael Lentge Andersen, Partner, Derant: Mobile network attacks – more common than you think?

Panel debate with all abovementioned speakers

10 min break

15.00 – 17.00 Company pitches and B2B meetings

17.30 – 22.00 Informal dinner together with the exhibitors from Danish Security Fair (same location as conference)


Thursday 29 august

09.00-10.00: Registration and light breakfast

10.00-11.10: Securing smart energy technology

  • Jørgen S. Christensen, Research and Technology Director, Danish Energy: What is needed to utilize the benefits from digitalization without risking the security of supply?
  • Daniel Pedersen, Senior Specialist, Safety & Security, Grundfos: Secure by Design, are we getting there?
  • Jørgen Hartig, Strategic Advisor and Partner, SecuriOT: When integrating new IoT-solutions into an existing supplier infrastructure, you must be aware of new threat, risk and pitfalls. How to mitigate these risks, without missing the benefits from the IoT solutions?
  • Daniel Lux, CEO, Seluxit: Who are your attackers? Are you looking at the right threats? Are you looking at the right weaknesses? The answers to these questions, will secure your solution!

Panel debate with all abovementioned speakers

20 min. break

11.30-13.00 International cyber security activities to strengthen cyber capabilities

  • Henrik Beckvard, Researcher Strategy Branch, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), Estonia: NATO CCDCOE and cooperation with Industry
  • Iben Lunding, Founder, IBSIK: EU Cybersecurity Act – certification, status and links to other
    certification frameworks
  • Thomas Stubbings, Public Affairs, Radarservices Smart IT: Promoting European Cybersecurity Capabilities

Panel debate with all abovementioned speakers

13.00 Closing remarks

13.10-15.00 Lunch and networking


In 2018, the Homeland Security Conference took a point of departure in the new Danish National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security as well as the European NIS Directive, and focused on the cyber threats that critical infrastructure sectors are exposed to and explore pro-active counter-measures.



08.30-09.30     Registration and light breakfast

09.30-09.40     Welcome by Klaus Bolving, CenSec, and moderator John Foley, COPITS

09.40-09.50     Key Note opening speech by the Danish Minister of Defence, Claus Hjort Frederiksen

09.50 – 10.50   The Energy Sector

  • Jørgen S. Christensen, Research and Technology Director, Danish Energy (DK)
  • Michael Lisanti, Director of Partnerships, CyLab, Carnegie Mellon University Security and Privacy Institute (US)
  • Andrey Bogdanov, Founder, Cybercrypt (DK)
  • Tanel Tammet, Chief architect, AS Cybernetica (EE)
    • Panel debate (20 min) (incl. (incl. parliamentary candidate Rolf Bjerre (Å))

15 minutes break and networking

11.05 – 12.05 The Health Sector

  • Kristoffer Kjærgaard Christensen, Head of Section, Ministry of Health in the Unit for Data, Infrastructure and Cyber Security (DK)
  • Rosario Giustolisi, Assistant Professor, IT University of Copenhagen (DK)
  • Claus Larsen, Country Manager, Atos (DK)
  • Gert Læssøe Mikkelsen, Head of Security Lab, PhD, Alexandra Institute (DK)
    • Panel debate (20 min) (incl. parliamentary candidate Lars Arne Christensen (K))

12.05 – 12.40  Lunch and networking

12.40-13.20     Business Development & Internationalization

  • Ole Kjeldal Jensen, Founder, Ampersand Associates (DK)
  • Juha Remes, Executive Director, Finnish IT Security Cluster FISC (FI)
  • Signe Flege, Head of Global Trade & Security, Danish Business Authority (DK)
  • Lasse Grønning & Christian Walther Bruun, Partners, GrønBruun (DK)

13.20-14.20     The Financial Sector

  • René Bergman, Director, Head of IT Security Division, The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DK)
  • Olga Troshkova, Relationship Manager and Security Analyst, Nordic Financial CERT (NO)
  • René Thomsen, Advisor, FSOR Secretariat, Danmarks Nationalbank(DK)
  • Peter Kruse, Founder and Head of eCrime Unit at CSIS Security Group (DK)
    • Panel debate (20 min)

15 minutes break and networking

14.35-15.35     The Transportation Sector

  • Holger Schlingloff, Prof. Dr., Scientific Director, Fraunhofer FOKUS (DE)
  • Harry Kaube, Sales Manager CyberSecurity, Airbus Defence & Space (DE)
  • Aron Frank Sørensen, Head of Maritime Technology and Regulation, BIMCO (DK)
    • Panel debate (incl. Torben Ørting Jørgensen, Shipbroker, Rear Admiral (retired) (DK)

15 minutes break and networking

15.50-16.50     The Telecommunications Sector

  • Torben Rune, Founder, Netplan (DK)
  • Philip Mills, Head of Business Development, Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) (GB)
  • Søren Sennels, Executive Manager, Dencrypt (DK)
  • Ole Mørk Lauridsen, System Engineering Manager, Teracom (DK
    • Panel debate (20 min)

16.50-17.00 Wrap up and way ahead by Klaus Bolving, CenSec, and John Foley, COPITS

17.15-21.00     Pre-dinner drinks and dinner




09:00 Registration, breakfast, exhibition and networking

10:00 Opening Remarks and Welcome

Klaus Bolving, CenSec & Lars Bangert Struwe, Conferencier & Danish Atlantic Treaty Association 

10:15 Safe Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Malene Kærgaard, Data Protection Officer, Kamstrup
  • Lars Ellebo, Senior Specialist, FORCE Technology/Delta
  • Zaruhi Aslanyan, Alexandra Institute
    • Panel debate with abovementioned speakers

11:15 Break, exhibition and networking

11:30 Human Factor Vulnerability and Social Engineering

  • Jens Christian Monrad, Senior Intelligence Account Analyst, FireEye
  • Jesper Laisen, Security Adviser, Danish Security and Intelligence Service
  • Chuck Esposito, Assistant Legal Attaché, FBI
  • Michael Nielsen, IT-Engineer, NC3
    • Panel debate with abovementioned speakers, incl. Jesper Florin, DBI + René Hedegaard Hansen, Terma

12:30 Break, exhibition and networking

14.00: Organisational Resilience and Industry Recovery after Attack

  • Bruno Kalhøj, Head of Division, Security and Safety, The European Central Bank
  • Laura Melkunaite, Business Continuity Manager, Group Physical Security, Danske Bank
  • Mads Nørgaard Madsen, Partner, Head of Security & Technology, PwC
    • Panel debate with abovementioned speakers

15:15 Break, exhibition and networking

15.30 Future Demands in the Cyber Security Product and Service Market

  • Niels Trads Pedersen, Nordic Security Services Business Unit Leader, IBM
  • Niels Henrik Olesen, CEO, Trusted
  • David Simonsen, CEO, Dencrypt
  • Christian Probst, Associate Professor, Head of Section, DTU Compute
  • Casper Klynge, Tech Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

16:45 Wrap up and Way Ahead

Lars Bangert Struwe & Klaus Bolving

17:00 – Sandwich, exhibition and networking



Future Trends, Technologies & Business in Homeland Security

The Homeland Security Conference 2016 was the premier event in Denmark to learn about our nation’s most significant issues of security in our civil society.

In 2016, we focused on the broad future perspective and development in technology and business. The development in the homeland security area is both a challenge for our country, but also creates business opportunities for a fast-growing security industry.

What are the characteristics of these threats and challenges? Which solutions need to be innovated and developed in the future? Moreover, an example of future technological innovation – IBM Watson – will be presented live.


The Conference covers Areas such as:

  • Cyber security and hacking – threats and counter measures
  • Social Engineering – critical aspects
  • Business opportunities in the security market
  • Future trends and technologies in homeland security
  • Border control
  • Industrial security
  • Infrastructure resilience




09:00 Registration, breakfast, exhibition and networking

10:00 Opening Remarks and Welcome

Poul Arne Jensen, Chairman, CenSec // Klaus Bolving, CEO, CenSec

Conferencier, Ole Kandborg, Lieutenant General (rtd)

10.10 New Threats to Homeland Security – a Challenge for Businesses

Claus Larsen, Global Head of Business Development, Atos IT Solutions & Services

10.30 New Threats to Homeland Security – a Challenge for Researchers

Michael Linden-Vørnle, Head of Space Drone Centre, Technical University of Denmark10:50 Break and networking

11:00 Homeland Security and the Danish Security Agenda

Thomas Lund-Sørensen, Director, Centre for Cyber Security, Ministry of Defence

11:30 Lunch, exhibition and networking

13:00 Innovative and Holistic Sensor/Effector Combination to Counter Threats from Micro UAVs

Johannes Petz, Sales Director, Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security

13:30 From High-Tech Innovation to International Business – Experiences from a Danish Security Industrial SME

Karsten Madsen, Director Electronic Warfare, My Defence Communication

14:00 Mission critical ICT Infrastructure for the Society

Lars Kierkegaard, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Teracom

14:30 Break, exhibition and networking

15:00 Social Engineering – the Human Factor of Cyber Security

Dennis Hansen, Head of the Security Department, The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology

15:30 The U.S. and Danish Security Industry: Success Through Cooperation

Rufus Gifford, US Ambassador to Denmark

15:45 IBM Watson – How will we improve our Security with Cognitive Security (incl. demo)

Martin Borrett, IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO, IBM Security Europe

16:30 Conclusive Remarks

Klaus Bolving, CEO, Censec/Inno-Pro // Esteban Pelayo Villarejo, CEO, The European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA)

17:00 Drinks and networking

18:00 Conference Dinner


International Cooperation on Homeland Security Capabilities

The Homeland Security Conference 2015 was the premier event in Denmark to learn about our
nation’s most significant homeland security issues.

In 2015, focus was on the security industry. The vulnerability of the modern industry creates
new threats, as well as business opportunities. What are the characteristics of these business
opportunities? What are the future trends in the market? And looking on threats – what actions
should we take in order to secure our business, products, production, systems and know-how?

The conference covers areas such as:
• Industrial security
• Crisis management in society and in companies
• Business opportunities in the security market – including the dual use aspect
• New and future trends of the security industry – in which direction is the market heading?
• Company security management
• Innovative solutions for an efficient handling of threats
• Cyber security


09:00 Registration, breakfast, exhibition and networking

10:00 Opening remarks and welcome

Poul Arne Jensen, Chairman, CenSec // Klaus Bolving, CEO, CenSec

Conferencier, Ole Kandborg, Lieutenant General (rtd)

10:10 The importance of Homeland Security in a future perspective (key note)

Knud Bartels, General (rtd), Former Chairman NATO Military Committee

10.40 Home Guard as actor inside Danish Homeland Security

Finn Winkler, Major General, The Commander of the Home Guard

11:10 Corporate Intelligence and Security

Jakob Scharf, Executive Director and Co-Founder, CERTA Intelligence & Security

11.40 Social engineering & insider threats: The human side of insider threats

René Rydhof Hansen, Associate Professor, PhD, The University of Aalborg/InfinIT

12:10 Lunch, exhibition and networking

13:40 The security aspects of drone operations and systems innovation

Jesper Florin, Head of the Security Department, The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI)

14:10 The secure handling of Big Data

Kasper Lyneborg Damgård, Cryptography Engineer, The Alexandra Institute

14:40 Airbus Defence & Space: Resilient IT Security Architectures

Paddy Francis, CTO, Airbus Defence & Space Cyber Security

15:10 Coffee, exhibition and networking

15:40 Lockheed Martin: The innovative approach to Homeland Security Capabilities

Luc Van de Winckel, Director Business Development, Lockheed Martin

16.10 Boeing: Understanding your Cyber Security Potential

Per Beith, Director, Information Security Solutions, Boeing

16:40 Business case – LogPoint

Jesper Zerlang, CEO, LogPoint

17:00 Conclusive Remarks. Klaus Bolving, CEO, CenSec

17.30 Sandwich, exhibition and networking



The Premier Homeland Security Event
The CenSec Homeland Security Conference 2014 was the premier event in Denmark to learn
about our nation’s most significant homeland security issues. The conference offers an
opportunity to engage and network with key leaders of the industry, as well as discussing and
gaining knowledge on matters in the field of cyber security, national and urban security and the
protection of critical infrastructure.

How do we reinforce infrastructure resilience? Moreover, the conference will focus on identity
management and biometrics and the key role they play in both homeland security and defence
capabilities for government, military, the public and private sector. Emergency management
and the optimization of cooperation between state, public and private sector is another
important topic, as well as the possibilities in mobile communication/wireless communication in
homeland security management.

Homeland Security covers a wide area such as:
• Counter terrorism measures
• Critical infrastructure protection – e.g. mass transit systems
• Underground, railway, ports, maritime security
• Electric grid and water systems
• Oil & gas production and supply
• Telecommunications and cyber security
• Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear safety and security (CBRN)


09:00 Registration and Buffet

10:00 Opening remarks by Poul Arne Jensen, Chairman, CenSec

10:10 Welcoming speech by Klaus Bolving, CEO, CenSec

10:30 Homeland Security – A Danish Perspective

Nicolai Wammen, Minister of Defence

11:00 Cybercrime – fighting online crime to secure critical infrastructure, information systems and persons at a European level

Troels Ørting Jørgensen, Head of the European Cybercrime Centre, EUROPOL in the Hague.

11:30 Resilience as the driver for new security products.

Rasmus Dahlberg, Disaster Historian, Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research.

12:00 Lunch & Exhibition

13:30 Cyber Security – how to protect our IT-information and deal with future threads
Poul Thorlacius-Ussing, Head of Office, Center for Cyber Security.

14:00 Inside the national crisis management system. Perspective on preparedness planning, crisis management and protection of critical infrastructure.
Mads Ecklon, Head of Division, The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA).

14:30 Company case 1, Banedanmark: Carsten Stenstrøm, Head of Information Security.

14:45 Company case 2, Dubex A/S: Jacob Herbst, Chief Technology Officer.

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Biometrics – a widely used technology in the security industry – status and

Sylvia Yang, Consultant and Researcher, The Danish Institute of Fire
and Security Technology (DBI)

15:50 Homeland Security – An American Perspective

Supervisory Special Agent Chuck Esposito, Assistant Legal Attaché, Federal Bureau of Investigation

16:15 Conclusive Remarks. Klaus Bolving, CEO, CenSec

16:30 Sandwich & Exhibition

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