In 2018 CenSec was approved as manager of the Danish Innovation Network for Security (Inno-Sec), one of 17 innovation networks in Denmark

The innovation networks are supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and their purpose is to bring together scientists, companies and public authorities in order to create innovation.

Inno-Sec works with:

• Matchmaking and creating collaboration between companies, researchers, the public sector, technological service providers and other partners.
• Initiating specific development projects within Defence, Space and Security.
• Arranging conferences, seminars and workshops on themes of interest for the members of the network.
• Fundraising and with the preparation of applications for funding etc.
• Newsletters and other types of information about trends, research results, etc.

Hosting internationalization initiatives, e.g. study trips.

Inno-Sec can assist in finding new partners for collaboration on both small – or large-scale research and innovation projects between private companies, researchers, the public sector, technological service providers and other partners – in Denmark and abroad.

Inno-Sec can:

• Help develop ideas into new competitive products or services.
• Provide inputs and advise for solving problems with product development and innovation.
• Provide access to a comprehensive network of researchers from universities, technological service
providers as well as other private companies.
• Provide overview of and contact to the public research and innovation promotion system.

Do you want to know more about Inno-Sec? Please contact

Project Development Manager Anders Laustsen / +45 5213 1542 /


Cluster Manager Klaus Bolving / +45 5213 1540 /

Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann, Teknologisk Institut

Thomas Aaboe Jensen, FORCE Technology

Gert Læssøe Mikkelsen, Alexandra Instituttet

Rasmus Eskerod Borgstrøm, DHI Gras

Lars Porskjær Christensen, Aalborg Universitet

Niels Andersen, DTU Space

Thomas Toftegaard, Aarhus Universitet

Jesper Florin, Dansk Brand og Sikringsteknisk Institut

Ib Gosmer, Necas

Claus Larsen, Atos

Dennies Olesen, Saab Danmark

Thomas Galasz Nielsen, Forsvarsakademiet