When signing up for a membership with CenSec, your organization gets the opportunity to:

• Be part of a strong alliance with members covering the defence, space and security industries in Denmark and internationally through network activities.
• Participate with your logo, company information and pictures on our member section at our website and in the physical members brochure.
• Participate in conferences, seminars, and courses with defence, space and security related subjects.
• Participate in cluster activities and matchmaking in relation to the ongoing development projects.
• Obtain advice and guidance from CenSec on defense, space and security related development projects.


Membership fees in 2021 before tax:

Companies with 1-4 employees DKK 5.000,-
Companies with 5-9 employees DKK 8.500,-
Companies with 10-19 employees DKK 15.500,-
Companies with 20-49 employees DKK 17.500,-
Companies with more than 50 employees DKK 20.000,-
University/other institution DKK 10.000,-

The membership is valid for one year at the time, that is from the time when you sign in and till the end of 2021. The membership can be terminated by the end of the year.

Contact us for more information:

For Defence companies: Klaus Bolving, klaus@censec.dk, +45 5213 1540

For Space companies: Anders Laustsen, anders@censec.dk, +45 5213 1542

For Security companies: Sofie Jensen, sofie@censec.dk,+45 9320 1540


You can apply for membership here:

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