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A Danish company based on the Jutland Peninsula, with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality vibratory finishing and surface treatment machinery, has developed a horizontal grinding machine and process material for machining surfaces of 3D printed components. When it comes to surface finishing, PERS-GROUP is known for offering complete customized process solutions. For more than 50 years PERS-GROUP has been working with surface finishing and has great experience in the field of vibratory finishing. Based on this knowledge and experience, we can offer unlimited finishing solutions to our customers, who come from all sectors of industry. Machining objective, machine size and part weight are the important factors in selecting the right abrasives within the process technology. Ceramic abrasives, plastic bonded abrasives, polishing, desiccant and compound, depending on the work task, abrasives with different properties and grinding effects are required and PERS-GROUP can provide our customers with the right solution, this also applies to the corresponding machines. As our production world is in constant change, PERS-GROUP started 5 years ago to work out solutions in the field of AM production and to help customers to take the right steps. We help especially small and medium sized companies dealing with AM manufacturing and surface finishing by smooth grinding, in order not to lose the connection to the technological advancement in the area of smooth grinding technology.

Adresse: Industrivej 12, 7120 Vejle Øst

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